Discover cultural fit
through candidate stories


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Tell your story and get hired

Automated Screening

Automate your phone screening process to conduct a limitless amount interviews to all your candidates on your behalf while saving time and cost

Verified Backgrounds

Leverage our ecosystem of preverified backgrounds to streamline your hiring process

Find the Right Fit

Filter your candidates based on emotional intelligence & verified backgrounds instead of resume keywords

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Prepare Students for the Workforce

Support new graduates and students seeking internships to land on their dream job by,

Improving Interview Skills
Preverified Sharable Resume to Stand Out
Ecosystem to connect with employers and get hired fast!

Simplify HR with EQHire

EQHire is a modern recruiting app were recruiters can spend more time engaging with good candidates and spend less time on repetitive tasks such as pre screening and background verification.

We can save cost and time for your company by automating repetitive tasks in your HR department and find right candidates fast. Try EQHire free and get your Hiring process to the next level!